We're off and running for 2021! Help us reach our goal to help 1000 kids head back to school with the essentials by donating to our project. We accept funds through PayPal as well as supplies. Below is a link to donate and a list of critical supplies.

Pictures from the 2021 Greater Augusta Back to School Program Campaign! Thanks for all of our volunteers, donors, sponsors and neighbors for helping us to reach our goal of $30000!

We are so blessed to be part of such a generous community!

Thank you to our 2021 Partners! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

A “BIG” Thank You, everyone for celebrating my milestone Birthday with donations to the Greater Augusta Back to School Program! Collaboratively, we raised just over $1,300.00!!! My guesstimate would be 25+ Backpacks filled with the tools students need for a successful year. So, very grateful for your support of this wonderful cause and for making my 60th Birthday, absolutely FABULOUS!

With Heartfelt Appreciation,

Lina Michaud

Katherine DelSignore on behalf of the Rollins Family

Roger Pomerleau

Anonymous Donation

Quirion, Inc.

Priscilla Michaud & Friends

David Farago

Darek Grant

Gloria Fleming

Matthew Tardiff

Augusta Emblems Club #233 Literacy Program

Orval Bittinger Mark & Julie O'Brien

Susan Sites Nicole Simon

Water Street Barber Co. Carolyn Gagnon

Dr. Robert Patenaude Rosanne Carey

Plummer Funeral Home Nathan & Jan Strout Gretchen Anderson

Michael & Donna Zellen Tara Brennan Roberta Lynnworth

Linda Neptune Mikaela Foster Kevin Judkins

Edward & Diane Potter Lisa Pare George Davenport

James Whitten Marci Alexander Karen Letteney

Cynthia Oakes Jane Paxton Diane Alarie

Celeste Turner

Our Dental Partners

Maine Dental Association Dr. Eugene Glad P. Cutrie DMD Walgreens

Dunn Dental Hasenfus Family Dental